[Tig] Suggestions for the TIG

Greg D. gd.tk
Fri Dec 2 15:18:50 GMT 2005

Thanks to everyone for supporting the TIG through
the years.
Well, Craig will get a kick out of this: I agree with him fully!
I never even considered being able to be sued by a lurking manufacturer for
sharing my thoughts on this forum.  I'm pretty sure Craig's and others
didn't consider their criticisms slander.

Anyway, I've found this list very useful over the years.  And, I do like
that it is a mix of the entire color community and not just colorists.
Let's just keep the TIG as FRIENDLY as possible.  I really never fully
understood what or how much "moderation" Rob was providing (as you obviously
don't see what he's blocked).  My take on "limiting" manufacturers was two
fold: keep the bandwidth free from blatant advertising and yet thru the
other related TIG pieces parts get some $ from them to help with the cost of
hosting and running this list.  I like that the TIG is for discussions.  The
TIG Announce was for marketing and the wiki is an evolving mix of everything
and classifieds are separated out too.

Thanks to Mike O for keeping it all going and Rob for everything he has done
and continues to do!

-Greg Dildine

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