[Tig] Suggestions for the TIG

Rob Lingelbach rob
Fri Dec 2 16:51:47 GMT 2005

Thanks to everyone for supporting the TIG through
the years.
On Fri, 2 Dec 2005 10:33:58 -0600 (CST), Bob Friesenhahn wrote

> Right.  The Wiki is no big deal because it is easily 
> ignored.  The vendor might as well use their own web site. 
>  On the other hand, emails (like this one) may annoy 1200 
> people.  So emailed product announcements need to be 
> carefully controlled.

right.  email is like someone knocking on your door; the wiki is like the magazine 
delivered to your mailbox.    I wish the wiki could become more the engine that 
powers the tig and I saw it as the future, but also i know the power of email, which
is why the tig always only had (except for tig-announce) the one email interface.  

things really have changed, though subtly yet with great force.   Commercialism of the net 
has been almost the death of it as a medium on the order that it was 20 years ago.  but
one must adapt eh.

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