[Tig] Safe title question

Lapointe Michel m.lapointe
Mon Dec 5 21:41:20 GMT 2005

Thanks to everyone for supporting the TIG through
the years.

Hello everybody, 

When attempting to explain to a young director the logic behind the safe
action and safe title areas, I started 
To wonder. In 20 years, he will probably make programs to an audience
where CRTs  will be a minority of the dislay devices.

As the viewing world is slowly going toward displays that are not CRT
based, what will happen to these 2  concept?

Will they still be dragged on up to after the last CRT has been smashed
to pieces?  I don't see that day coming soon, but I definitely see
coming the one where theses notion will not make sense to the majority
of viewers.

Michel Lapointe
National Film Board of Canada

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