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Bob Friesenhahn bfriesen
Mon Dec 5 22:12:53 GMT 2005

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On Mon, 5 Dec 2005, Lapointe Michel wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> When attempting to explain to a young director the logic behind the safe
> action and safe title areas, I started
> To wonder. In 20 years, he will probably make programs to an audience
> where CRTs  will be a minority of the dislay devices.
> As the viewing world is slowly going toward displays that are not CRT
> based, what will happen to these 2  concept?

The world is heading toward displays which are not CRT based like a 
locomotive on full steam.  But of course, CRT does not imply 4:3 
aspect ratio and many non-CRT computer displays (e.g. LCD flat panel) 
are still mostly 4:3 designs.  I was in a large computer store a week 
ago and noticed that there was not a CRT monitor to be seen.  It is 
questionable if there was even one available for sale.  Last time I 
looked at a Dell catalog, there was only one CRT offered for sale. 
The situation is similar in home theater and electronics stores.

Due to continued use of overscan, there would still be a need for safe 
action and safe title areas even if all displays were 16:9.  Maybe 
someday overscan will be eliminated, but today it is still needed even 
with digital TV due to ugly/bad pixels on the left and right of the 

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