[Tig] GSN upgrade for Spirit 1

Craig Leffel craig
Tue Dec 6 01:46:03 GMT 2005

Thanks to everyone for supporting the TIG through
the years.
Hello gang.

I think I'm back to normal now, though contrary to Topazio's wonder if I 
was impostering myself, it's really me. I was just having a momentary 
flashback where I needed to excise all the demons out of my collective 
"Closet". All's well now. I hope the manufacturer's were listening, and 
I'm even convinced now after listening to a few of you that it really 
actually might be a good thing if they participated more... more real 
world, real discussions of their products. How they actually get used 
and what would be an actual improvement. Yes, actually.

Anyway, I have a "real world" dilemma. I need to hear from some of you 
that have upgraded your Spirit 1 ( original flavored Spirit, not 
extra-crispy ) to GSN. What is the real speed difference? How fast are 
you scanning at 2K 10 bit Log?  How fast at 1K?  What's the stability of 
the connection like? Do you drive your scans from the Spirit's new-ish 
panel or from a Color-corrector? We are considering a 4K, but also 
looking at a mid term upgrade to GSN.... I've seen it all on paper, just 
need a dose of reality.

Thanks much in advance friends... I will try and restore myself to 
wise-cracking and poking fun at lame-o products sometime soon. Contact 
me off list or on, whatever your pleasure....please?

Craig Leffel

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