[Tig] Birthday please, beating the previous exclamation mark record....

Rob Lingelbach rob
Thu Dec 8 10:01:33 GMT 2005

Thanks to everyone for supporting the TIG through
the years.
On Thu, 8 Dec 2005 08:23:01 +0000, Dick Hobbs wrote

> service off the top of my head but you  get an email that 
> looks like a business card which you can edit. This  looks 
> awfully like unsafe computer sex to me.

anything at all that asks you to do something with your computer is
by nature suspect.   "address books" are many in format, and one should
never do a "requested" update unless it's comptletely verified.  "address books"
by nature are subject to all kinds of mischief.  maintain your own separate list
of email addresses and cull from those.   

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