[Tig] Self calibration?

Hugh Waters hugh
Fri Dec 9 22:40:29 GMT 2005

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One young colourist asked me something recently that I haven't seen
discussed for a while. It concerned the effect of the outside world on a
colourist's colour perception immediatly prior to going to the grading room.
How long does it take for a human's colour perception to adapt? I couldn't
give her a direct reply other than you might want to avoid going out in
bright sunshine and then starting work immediatly. Now some time ago I  went
to visit the ITFC (where the UK Independant TV companies have all network
programming QC'd) and being shown the illuminant D lighting and grey painted
corridors throughout the establishment to try to ensure that their QC staff
were properly calibrated before getting to their very carefully set up QC
So here are my questions:
a) Does it matter? ie since a colourist goes into a well set up grading room
they will normally be comparing the grading screen with a reference screen
(sometimes a monochrome monitor or a surround or even an illuminated
greyscale) so does their own personal colour perception actually matter?
b) Assuming that it does matter (and to my mind it probably does), what are
the recommended practices for colourists these days? Are there any standards
or recognised guidelines? 
c) Whilst I certainly can't imagine many post houses adopting a battleship
interior design ethos throughout their facilities, do any of our colourist
bretheren here have any specific excercises that they do with respect to
their own calibration?
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