[Tig] Self calibration?

woz warrenl
Sat Dec 10 01:24:04 GMT 2005

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From: "Bob Friesenhahn" It seems that there should be a way for a colorist
to prove to himself
(or others) that he is seeing things adquately well that day in order to
satisfactorily perform the task..."

I think it can be largely verified that other people will soon let the
colourist know if  they think he or she is not up to the task, and that is
the way of 'proving' that the clourist is 'seeing things adequately well'.
I wonder did (or do) impressionists or surrealists see things 'adequately
well' ?

woz (3Sixtymeda/Itv, although as usual my comments do not reflect the
philosopy? of my employers)

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