[Tig] Self calibration?

woz warrenl
Sat Dec 10 03:12:16 GMT 2005

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
Daily calisthenics consist of large quantities of caffiene and stress. Beer
only when time permits and not on company premises except when invited to
the party (yeah right!)
 I never had another colour-blindness test after the one I took when I
joined the comany (it was an Ishihara), although I will admit to getting
hold of the book sometime afterwards to try to figure ot how it worked! (Sad
but true).
Interesting point though, I wonder if the rods and cones wear with age and
subsequently affect colour vision. I have an optician friend I can ask, and
will post  the results here as soon as I get them.

Look what I just found online- If ayone wants to cheat here are the

I hope your monitor phosphors and profile are truly compliant.
I seem to remember that the books were very expensive as the colourimetry
had to be tightly controlled.
Bob, I guess if you have the time and inclination you could figure out what
to do  to the images in photoshop to emulate the different forms of cb.

I once asked a colour-blind person to try to describe what he saw, it had
about the same effect as asking someone in a wheelchair what it was like to
be disabled. Let that be a lesson.


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> On Sat, 10 Dec 2005, woz wrote:
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> > From: "Bob Friesenhahn" It seems that there should be a way for a
> > to prove to himself
> > (or others) that he is seeing things adquately well that day in order to
> > satisfactorily perform the task..."
> >
> >
> > I think it can be largely verified that other people will soon let the
> > colourist know if  they think he or she is not up to the task, and that
> > the way of 'proving' that the clourist is 'seeing things adequately
> > I wonder did (or do) impressionists or surrealists see things
> > well' ?
> What?  No daily visual calisthenics for colorists?
> Note that I am talking about a test that someone can do in order to
> make sure that they are in full working order (rods and cones in
> proper alignment) at that very moment.  On average I am a reasonably
> good programmer and quick on the computer, but there are several days
> a year where I seem to be too clumsy to even type properly or use the
> mouse.  On those days, taking the day off and having a beer seems like
> the wisest choice.
> Do colorists not have "beer days"?
> Bob
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