[Tig] Self calibration?

Jim Houston jim
Sun Dec 11 17:34:58 GMT 2005

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On Dec 9, 2005, at 2:40 PM, Hugh Waters wrote:
> How long does it take for a human's colour perception to adapt?

The biggest effect is coming from bright outdoors or a strongly colored
daylight interior where it is possible that your cones bleached.  Any
effect from this is completely gone in under 5 minutes.   To
see how long for yourself,  stare at an outdoor window for a minute,
cover your eyes with a black cloth and wait until you can't see even
a trace of outline or color.  Within a minute or two most of the effect
is gone, but there can be remnants for several minutes thereafter.

(If you're still seeing images after 10 minutes, you have other 
problems :-)

Jim H.

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