[Tig] Self calibration?

Jim Houston jim
Sun Dec 11 17:40:54 GMT 2005

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>> greyscale) so does their own personal colour perception actually 
>> matter?
>  Are there any ready-made tests which can be used to quickly evaluate 
> that the colorist's vision is adequate on that day?

It is an interesting question.  People do not see color the same. There
is a range of variation in sensitivities to color.  When multiple 
are arguing over a change, it may not just being ornery, but that they
have different sensitivities.  I discovered for myself that my two eyes
are different, one being more sensitive to red than the other.  The
other has a extremely faint yellow cast.    In fact, all people
have their color shift towards yellow over time.  Most times,
these differences are so subtle as to not be worth worrying about.
But it is good to be aware of the possibility that your client and 
aren't seeing 'eye to eye' .

Jim Houston
Pacific Title Imaging
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