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On Sun, 11 Dec 2005 16:39:55 -0800, Rob Lingelbach wrote
> > Lastly, I assume that most colorists are male.  Do females 
> > see things the same way that males do?  Is the work of 
> > female colorists noticeably different in any way from male 
> > colorists?
> Women see color better than men, it's a proven fact, which 
> we've talked about here many times.  Do an tig archive 
> search for "chromosome."

here's the scoop Bob which I found doing the tig archive search for chromosome:

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If anyone wants to read information on why women can see certain reds
better then men, refer to the American Journal of Human Genetics, where
it is reported that researchers from Arizona State University in Tempe
have determined there is a gene that allows us to see the color red,
and that gene comes in a high number of variations. Because the gene
sits on the X chromosome --and women have two X chromosomes and so two
copies of this gene, compared with only one for men --the gene aids
women's ability to perceive the red-orange color spectrum.

CNN reported this story and it is on the web at

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