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Sam Holtz SHOLTZ
Wed Dec 14 18:30:59 GMT 2005

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
Maybe the news take too long to get to Dallas. Contact Panasonic, Phil
Livingston 201.266.0441
I DO NOT work or ever worked for Panasonic. I have NOT ever received
anything from Panasonic, except for Demo Hardware and software shown at NAB
2005 at GlobalStor booth. IT Works. Also Grass Valley (acquired owned by
"Companie Electrice Thomson Huston" also known as Just Thomson and or French
General Electric) is working the whole workflow. Contact Peter Symes at GV
at 530.478.3437. Again NEVER EVER worked for Grass Valley' I did received
some special considerations like hardware and software upgrades for editing
systems, and for Kaleidoscope, with no charge. But that is almost 15 years
ago by a different ownership,. That's is why I still like Grass Valley.

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Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
On Wed, 14 Dec 2005, Zhang Xin wrote:

> Does anyone have JPEG2000 stream files for Digital Dinema?
> How can I get or make it? I want to use it to create JPEG2000 MXF with 
> MXFLIB which match the DCI Specification.

I doubt that there is any ready-made product yet.  DCI has only fairly
recently been demonstrated and the specification is large and complicated.
It is likely that the software/hardware involved to prepare the
demonstration material is in an experimental state and much of it may have
been developed by someone other than a "vendor" 
(for example, studio engineers have likely done much of the work).

Apparently a RFP must have hit the streets in the past few days since there
have been several posts on this issue where before there were none.

With DCI there is an opportunity for an open source solution. 
Traditionally money has been sent to "vendors" who license their commercial
solution.  But if the ability to do post-production of DCI material was
offered as unencumbered open source (similar to OpenEXR or GraphicsMagick)
then there would be no need to send large license payments to big vendors.

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