[Tig] exellent tech support from Da vinci

ravi ravi kumaar hariravi241965
Thu Dec 22 07:52:31 GMT 2005

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG

My davinci 8:8:8 NON DUI system failed suddenly. The
problem is communication missing between softpanels
and mainframe. After the mainframe booting it's told
like " panel not responding" and scrolling.

Immediately I called da vinci tech support over the
telephone and Mr. Gerry came to me on the line. I told
him " I am going to Mail.

Within one hour... he replied with proper and
compenent level tech support.

The problem in the machine solved and it is running
quit well now.. My clients and operators very happy

Thanks and Hatts of davinci tech support and
Particularly Mr. Gerry. 

See you and Advance X-Mas wishes to everyone..


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