[Tig] Broken pulldown sequence

Michel Lapointe lapointemichel
Tue Feb 1 00:55:01 GMT 2005

I am looking for advice on the following project:

Scanning a number of film transfers on which we suspect the pulldown 
sequence was broke at inserts. Various inserts throughouts special projects 
(no lists...) and assembly of film rolls for feature films.

Film transfers were made on digibeta. Time code  is drop frame, so checking 
for the recurrence of a pattern ("Aframes are 00, 05...") is not possible. I 
need a reliable way to find if the pulldown was broken and if so, where. 
There is hours of the stuff and I don't feel like scanning it frame per 
frame :-).

Any software / capture setup could do this automatically for me?  I am 
concerned also about the effect of the broken sequence
when undoing the pulldown to go back to 24 frames when digitizing. Any 
thoughts / discussions are welcomed, both on or off forum.

Thanks you,

Michel Lapointe

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