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Rob Lingelbach rob
Wed Feb 2 10:55:22 GMT 2005

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Winning show reels to be showcased at NAB2005                                              
   The Master Colorist Awards highlight the artistry and expertise of
   creative talent                                                                            
   in the color and image enhancement field.                                                  
   da Vinci is now accepting entries for the second annual Master                             
   Colorist Awards competition.                                                               
   Materials can be entered in four distinct categories:                                      
           TV and long form - any material created for television                             
                     (including films, series, specials including music                       
   specials, episodic, etc)                                                                   
           Theatrical release - any film, in any genre, released for                          
   showing in                                                                                 
                     large screen format (traditional film or digital)                        
           Commercial - Any spot up to 120 seconds used to advertise a                        
   product, service, etc.                                                                     
           Music Video                                                                        
   Entries must be received by Feb. 28, 2005. Entries will be judged by
   panel of industry experts, including leading colorists, directors of                       
   photography, journalists, and professionals from today's front
   advertising and creative agencies.                                                         
   The 2005 Master Colorist Award winner will be announced on Tuesday,                        
   April 19 at 5:00 p.m. at a reception to be held on da Vinci's booth,                       
   #C6207, at NAB2005 in Las Vegas.                                                           
   PLEASE GO TO [1]WWW.DAVSYS.COM/MCA for more details.                                       

Rob Lingelbach   

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