[Tig] Keylink ver. 8.75 and oxy chips

Michael Smollin msmollin
Wed Feb 2 13:31:48 GMT 2005

We recently had a problem with the serializer and deserializer chips and got
replacements from oxychips. When our eng. department installed the chips the
SDI input was fine but the output is not putting out a signal. We swapped
out the new chips for the old chips and got the same broken up picture that
we previously had. This leads us to believe that it is definitely the chips
or possibly even worse the board. Is there something we are not doing right?
Or is there something else that needs to be done other than just popping in
the new chips? We did test the cables on the board to make sure there was no
shorts and that a signal can be passed and they checked out. Our eng.
department was also wondering if maybe the clock had to be changed? Any

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