[Tig] old twiki info

Rob Lingelbach rob
Fri Feb 4 12:04:01 GMT 2005

in order to help those who need access to the old twiki info, which is
voluminous, i've placed it in http://www.colorist.org/twiki.old
which will give you a directory of all the files.   however the DI
Films Database isn't there, because i believe it was done with mySQL
and i need to extract it from the old mySQL data.    in the meantime if
anyone wants to start recreating technical articles in the new wiki
http://www.colorist.org/wiki  with this now available twiki information
I've made available they are free to do so.   The wiki idea is that
contributions be made by anyone .... i have been working on it as time


Rob Lingelbach   

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