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marcus hutchinson marcus3
Mon Feb 7 21:42:30 GMT 2005

You missed out the Heineken Spot with Brad Pitt being chased by the 
paparazzi, that was an HD finnish and delivered to Fox for the superbowl


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Greg D. wrote:
> Thanks to Sean McKee and Digital Vision AB for supporting the TIG.
> --
> Well, a few folks actually aired their spots in HD this year, but I found it
> interesting who did and who didn't.  (Perhaps the group will find it
> interesting too.)
> Since the Superbowl has been televised in HD, I hadn't seen any spots
> actually aired in HD besides some Hollywood trailers (that have been
> finished this way for other reasons than for TV) until this year.
> I don't know how many HD viewers are out there for advertisers to reach this
> year, but obviously some of the biggest companies still don't care yet.
> Anyone know the current size of the US HD audience?  (BTW, I noticed the
> President's State of the Union was televised in HD.  Also, I just noticed
> the other day that a reality show has now gone to HD.  And it's of all
> things, American Idol, which isn't really all that visual of a show.)
> Also, I still don't think I've ever seen any HD spots run during prime-time
> HD programming.  Anyone know when the flood gates will finally open??
> So, the following is my list of who did and who didn't air HD spots during
> Superbowl 39 on Fox.
> HD:
> Ford
> Volvo
> O2 Contact Lenses
> Ameriquest
> Cadillac
> Silestone
> Verizon Wireless
> NOT in HD:
> Pepsi
> FedEx
> Anheuser Busch
> McD's
> Visa
> Quiznos
> Honda
> Lays
> Subway
> Degree
> Career Builder
> Taco Bell
> Tabasco
> Napster
> Staples
> Cialis
> Toyota Prius
> I does still seems odd to me that so many filmed, high-end, big budget spots
> still don't finish and air in HD yet.
> -Greg Dildine
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