[Tig] Re: HD and the Superbowl

Sam B. Dlugach dlugach
Tue Feb 8 09:05:43 GMT 2005

Believe it or not, last year CBS had initially planned to simply 
upconvert from SD the entire commercial pods until some advertisers 
demanded HD for their money.  After that, you'd think everyone would 
demand 16x9 full-rez presentation.

If I were spending $2000/frame for airtime, I'd certainly want my spot 
in HD.   With millions spent in creative, testing, and production, and 
another cool $2M for air, one would think agencies would kick up the 
post budget a smidge.  It's hard to imagine that the egos involved 
would permit anything less.  After all, the Super Bowl is the greatest 
pissing match in the spot kingdom.

Astounding further still is the relative lack of interest in 5.1 audio 
for spots, even though there are an estimated 40 million surround sound 
systems out there - many more than there are HD televisions.  I believe 
there were approximately six million HDTVs sold last year.

I must correct one notion put forth by Mr. Dildine.  Most TV spots for 
feature films are in fact not mere trailer cutdowns.  Editorial houses 
cut from whatever sources they can get their hands on in order to tell 
the story.  The "HITCH" Superbowl spot I finished for Sony Pictures 
contained picture elements from an HD trailer, HD dailies, two 
different IP versions, and OCN wrested from the negative cutter's 
hands.  As is often the case, finding, transferring, and converting 
(not to mention matching) the various elements can be quite a task.  
Audio can be just as challenging.  With HD picture finishing, 5.1 mix, 
and client approvals, that spot was in-house for four days.  If the 
thing looks like a trailer cutdown, we did our job right.


Sam Dlugach
Senior Colorist
New Wave Entertainment
Burbank CA

On Feb 7, 2005, at 12:18 PM, Greg D. wrote:

I hadn't seen any spots actually aired in HD besides some Hollywood 
trailers (that have been finished this way for other reasons than for 

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