[Tig] Re: HD and the Superbowl

Sam B. Dlugach dlugach
Tue Feb 8 09:45:31 GMT 2005

On Feb 8, 2005, at 1:17 AM, Dick Hobbs wrote:

> Are you saying that "Hitch" had a neg cutter? Doesn't that sound 
> terribly
> old fashioned nowadays!


Although that picture will almost certainly make a trip through DI, the 
OCN is indeed in the hands of a neg cutter, and I can attest that there 
are pieces of shots taken away to live in a reel of assembled neg 
somewhere.  Perhaps it's one of those partial DI jobs, or maybe it's 
studio policy to create a neg assembly for the vault.

Nevertheless, the quaint image of a white-gloved neg cutter hunched 
over a synchronizer on a clean table is not yet a thing of the past.  I 
love the smell of film cement in the morning.

Sam Dlugach
Senior Colorist
New Wave Entertainment
Burbank CA

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