[Tig] Telecine Bash 2005

Rob Lingelbach rob
Tue Feb 8 16:05:58 GMT 2005

On 2005-02-08 at 07:39, G. Baker Telecine Sales (hdedit at yahoo.com) wrote:

> 1- NO T-shirts were sold, prior, during or after the
> party

but this was not the agreement before the party.  the tshirts were to
be sold to raise funds for the tig and you asked to use the TIG logo
for that purpose.

> 5- It's not the "TIG Party" it's the "Telecine Bash"

Donna and Peter officially gave it to the TIG as the TIG Party after 
they couldn't do it any more.  I can quote the mail to you from her 
if you like.  And the awards were to be named the TIG awards.

> Again, I must repeat item #5 here:  This is NOT the
> "TIG Party".  That 
> event
> was organized by you with your sponsors.  This is
> named the "Telecine 
> Bash",

then the TIG Party doesn't exist any more, and you would like to
divorce yourself from it I suppose-- whereas Donna and Peter experessly
wished that the TIG as a community be involved to the fullest extent in
the organizing and presentation of the event.

> give you a platform from which to raise some money for
> the TIG within 
> the
> Telecine Bash.  You can manage it, that way there are
> no lapses of
> communication or items to be confused about.

well this could be a solution, though I won't be able to attend this
year, so would like to entrust such an idea to someone who would be
willing to handle it, with understandings up front.

In the end, it doesn't really matter what it's called, except that we
were hoping using the auspices of thek TIG, which is essentially 
negative-profit, would make people more comfortable than to have
certain sponsors have greater visibility.   I worked many hours with
the propspective sponosors in 2003 and the beginning of 2004 and it
fell apart with the withdrawal of one of the major sponsors who wanted
to put on a party of their own.  I felt uncomfortable and indeed quite
helpless trying to organize it from Brasil where I was teaching at the

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