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I must correct one notion put forth by Mr. Dildine.  Most TV spots for
feature films are in fact not mere trailer cutdowns.  Editorial houses
cut from whatever sources they can get their hands on in order to tell
the story.  The "HITCH" Superbowl spot I finished for Sony Pictures
contained picture elements from an HD trailer, HD dailies, two
different IP versions, and OCN wrested from the negative cutter's
hands.  As is often the case, finding, transferring, and converting
(not to mention matching) the various elements can be quite a task.
Audio can be just as challenging.  With HD picture finishing, 5.1 mix,
and client approvals, that spot was in-house for four days.  If the
thing looks like a trailer cutdown, we did our job right.

So, I guess you're saying the movie "commercials" for TV are indeed made
specifically for TV.  OK, but as you pointed out, post often one has access
to HD or better source material for feature films.  What I was thinking was,
that instead of a commercial having to really decide whether or not to post
in HD from 35mm for TV exhibition, that Hollywood already has the imagery
ready for HD so they might as well air the TV "commercial" in HD.  Anyway,
the movie spots were definitely the first commercials to regularly be shown
and be seen in HD during HD programming on TV.  Finally (at least a few this
Superbowl broadcast), we're are seeing other companies post and broadcast
spots in HD too.  But still not too many including many of the big ones like
Pepsi & Bud.

-Greg D.

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