[Tig] Re: HD and the Superbowl

Dominic Case cased
Wed Feb 9 00:43:19 GMT 2005

>Sorry to disappoint you Sam, most negative cutters don't
>get to sniff - at least film cement.

That may well be the case in the US ( indeed, it IS the case) - but not

Here, the job of cutting the required sections of film out of camera rolls,
and the job of splicing those bits together, have always been combined into
one. (even if different operators in the same room at the same time actually
perform the two steps on any given reel). In fact to separate them has
always struck me as specialisation to the most absurd degree. 

>Nevertheless, the quaint image of a white-gloved neg cutter

Even when the entire production goes through a DI process, it is still
common to extract the required takes and assemble them into aroll or rolls
for scanning. To have anyone other than an experienced (and yes,
white-gloved) neg cutter do this is to increase the risk of damage to the

Dominic Case
Atlab Australia

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