[Tig] is it just me...?

Skip Elsheimer skipe
Fri Feb 11 17:06:19 GMT 2005

So I'm fairly new to the telecine game (I've had my FDL-60 for about two 
years now) and I'm slowly learning the fine art of color correction and 
grain reduction. In the course of learning, I think that I'm succumbing 
to what first-year medical students experience - everywhere I look I see 
something suffering from poor color correction and digital video noise 

Whenever I go to big electronics chain show, I can't even go into the TV 
section without wincing - all the TVs are too bright and over-saturated. 
I have digital cable and the amount of dvnr I see is outrageous. I was 
housesitting at friend's and I was compelled to adjust the color 
temperature on their TV.

So my question is: Will this ever go away? Can a professional telecine 
operator turnoff that part of their brain in real-life? Does it require 

Skip Elsheimer

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