[Tig] is it just me...?

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Jesus, I thought I was the only one left that had a pair!!  NOTHING finer for classical.  Now if I could just talk my wife into letting me take them out of the box and set them up again in the living room........

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Thanks to Sean McKee and Digital Vision AB for supporting the TIG.
On 2005-02-11 at 17:10, Bruce W. Goldstein (metfan14 at optonline.net) wrote:

> I have digital cable and the amount of dvnr I see is outrageous. I was 
> housesitting at friend's and I was compelled to adjust the color 
> temperature on their TV.

Bruce, we have talked about this from time to time and we can't really
be sure if what we're seeing are noise-reduction artifacts or
compression artifacts, or both.  These artifacts are also seeming to be
creeping into the feature cinema projection theatres where their origin
could be even harder to discover.   I'm currently using a
satellite-based digital system here in Europe that suffers embarrassingly
with respect to a direct playback of two-inch videotape.

Plasma displays further complicate the matter by introducing their own
motion-based artifacts .. 

As has happened in audio, what might happen in video is a backlash
against digital processing, where the sampling and depth are a part of
the processing information available to the consumer.  Do I prefer
watching a slightly scratched, dirty print projected to a slightly
pixellated, blurred "digital" copy?  usually, yes.

But then I still prefer a great vinyl pressing on an excellent analog 
audio system (Magnaplanars!) to most consumer-quality CDs of the kinds 
of music I listen to (mostly classical).


Rob Lingelbach   

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