[Tig] is it just me...?

Rob Lingelbach rob
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i'll try to backcheck the attribution nesting Bruce, sorry that it

On 2005-02-12 at 20:24, Bruce W. Goldstein (metfan14 at optonline.net) wrote:

> Thanks to Sean McKee and Digital Vision AB for supporting the TIG.
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> Wrong attribution, Rob. The below statement is not mine.
> Bruce
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> On 2005-02-11 at 17:10, Bruce W. Goldstein (metfan14 at optonline.net) wrote:
> > I have digital cable and the amount of dvnr I see is outrageous. I was 
> > housesitting at friend's and I was compelled to adjust the color 
> > temperature on their TV.
> Bruce, we have talked about this from time to time and we can't really
> be sure if what we're seeing are noise-reduction artifacts or
> compression artifacts, or both.  These artifacts are also seeming to be
> creeping into the feature cinema projection theatres where their origin
> could be even harder to discover.   I'm currently using a
> satellite-based digital system here in Europe that suffers embarrassingly
> with respect to a direct playback of two-inch videotape.
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