[Tig] Aaton Keylink support for Vialta Telecines

Johnston, Ray rayj
Mon Feb 14 23:26:19 GMT 2005

Hi all,

Just wanted to let those Vialta users know that there will be no new reader
heads (UCR-B type) available from Aaton.
Reason being that as the Vialta is no longer in production they aren't going
to be making reader heads.
So when your reader head LED's are getting low or long in the tooth, the
only way around it is to send off your head for refurbishment at Aaton and
wear the down time.

It would have been nice to have been given some prior warning of this
especially in the antipodes so we could have factored in the purchase of a
spare head.

Hopefully someone from Aaton will help clear up this issue and enlighten us

Cheers for now

Ray Johnston
Telecine Engineer
Digital Pictures Melbourne

Usual disclaimer these are my views and not the company line..........

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