[Tig] tig:colorvision spyder2

Peter Swinson peter_swinson
Tue Feb 15 10:06:29 GMT 2005

Ken et al,

While not that familiar with monitor "auto calibrators" I understand that
the "real systems" rely on CRT monitors that provide remote settable Screen
electrode and internal gain adjustment.
Some such monitors have setup control signal paths in their SVGA
In such instances the monitor itself is adjusted and therefore any ingoing
video range be it 8 or 10 bit is still realized on the display.
I guess, especially from Ken's comments that LCD and other CRT  autoset
systems rely on adjusting the video driver in the computer or prior to the
display itself in the monitor.
If this is the case then such calibration must  uses some of the range of
the "video" signal, reducing the usable range for picture content.
There's no such thig as a free lunch.


Peter Swinson  

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