[Tig] Aaton Keylink support for Vialta Telecines

jp jp
Tue Feb 15 16:45:28 GMT 2005

2005-02-15 0:26  Johnston, Ray <rayj at aav.com.au> wrote:

> Just wanted to let those Vialta users know that there will
> be no new reader heads (UCR-B type) available from Aaton.
> \..\ especially in the antipodes so we could have factored
> in the purchase of a spare head..

Hum... Ray,
This info you are spreading over the TIG is not right.

The Keylink UCR-B head designed for both the no longer
manufactured Sony Vialta, and the currently manufactured
CTM Dixie is available as a standard product from Aaton.

So, if you want to buy a head as a spare for the antipodes,
feel free. 


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