[Tig] Digital Vision buys Nucoda

Rich Torpey rich
Tue Feb 15 12:17:58 GMT 2005

FYI - just received this notice:
As you may have already heard, Digital Vision acquired Nucoda today! The
purpose of this email is to answer a few of the questions you may have about
the deal and about how this might affect you as a Digital Vision and/or
Nucoda customer.  

Development and support for the Nucoda product line will continue to be
managed from the London office. Management, Sales and Marketing functions
will be coordinated from our offices in Stockholm. Nucoda's and Digital
Vision's US offices will be merged in the existing Digital Vision facility
in North Hollywood, California. All of the key Nucoda staff members will
remain with the company, including developers, product specialists and
support people. 

We will announce new contact information (including email addresses) soon.
In the meantime, all existing telephone numbers, email addresses and web
site URLs will continue to operate.

We will continue to offer our complete range of DVNR and Valhall systems for
4:4:4 RGB, HD and SD work. 
We will continue support for all Nucoda products in the field. 
We are  very impressed with the quality of Nucoda's team and their current
products. This team brings with them a fantastic set of technical skills and
expertise in the important Digital Intermediate field. Nucoda's platform
provides Digital Vision with a great way to begin delivering world-beating
image processing tools (including grain and noise reduction and other DVNR
tools) to users working in the 2K and 4K domains.

You can get more information about the deal on our web site at:


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