[Tig] A new BRRE unit.

Peter Swinson peter_swinson
Sun Feb 20 23:39:21 GMT 2005

In the UK journal , New Scientist, page 88, 22 Jan 05, reference to what
must be the world's smallest units is compared to a litre of beer.

The Unit is "The Barn" that's the effective cross sectional area of a
atomic nucleus. (I'm not kidding, this is a  real scientific unit.)

The author then nominally states

"Assumig a  unit of  'A Hubble'  is 10 to power 9 light years. (Not to be
confused with the Hubble Constant), The author calculates that
the Hubble-Barn (volume) works out at just less than one of those new
fangled litre thingies.
So drinking 2 pints of beer is like emptying a bottle the length of the
universe with a cross sectional area of a medium sized nucleus" 
So now we know. 

Peter Swinson

btw the article states a sub unit of the barn, The Shed, which is much much
smaller than the Barn, 10 to the power -24 times smaller.

Do I remmber a nano guitar thread sometime last year, Well now think even


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