[Tig] advertising policy

Rob Lingelbach rob
Tue Feb 22 18:46:29 GMT 2005

it's time to let everyone know what is the policy for advertising gear
for sale or wanted and jobs on the tig and tig-announce:

on the main tig (this list) you can post with no problem:
1) gear wanted 
2) help wanted

send the tig admin (me) ads for:
1) position wanted*
2) gear for sale*

*( these ads will go out on the tig-announce list which runs as a
digest as soon as i get it set up)

and for commercial advertising (companies) that want to get some
exposure, also contact me directly, we can put up logos and other
things on the tig-wiki pages.

also keep in mind that the classifieds on the tig-wiki pages are
editable by anyone who is wiki-regiestered; we only ask for a small
contribution to the tig to help cover costs.  (or we ask nothing in the 
case of someone just needing help)  

thanks everyone
Rob Lingelbach   

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