[Tig] A new BRRE unit.

Michael Orton morton
Wed Feb 23 01:01:59 GMT 2005

Thanks for sorting this out for us, Bill. I now 
see that its actually the movement of beer 
"holes" rather than beer "cans" that represents 
the upper limit to consumption.

I'm expecting to perform some experiments of this 
nature down here in the Southern Hemisphere, 
where I hope to be assisted by the very able Paul 
Foster PA(Hons)? of Cintel Ltd., whom, it has 
been remarked, is himself a very large "beer 

I shall be reporting back to the group the 
results of these Southern Hemisphere experiments 
just before, or maybe as a paper at, NAB. I'm 
anticipating at least some differences, perhaps 
due to the local variations in original gravity, 
magnetic field, location of sheep &c.

One observation of note: I have noticed that the 
"green splotches" on the tubes of CRT monitors 
that have not been modified for the Southern 
Hemisphere [mentioned in print a while back] do 
seem to diminish in inverse proportion to 
consumption. A great deal more work remains to be 
done on this topic, which will be performed at 
our local laboratory here in Auckland, known to 
all as "The Drake".

Kind regards to all,

Mike Orton

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