[Tig] A new BRRE unit.

Jeff Booth jeff.booth
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I hear (in the UK) that experiments are being secretly carried out by a
well known brewing company (AKA the brewery of 'The Ship' in Wardour
Street) comprising of using hexagonal beer cans to (theoretically)
increase the 'beer-hole' capacity of Mr. Topazio (and other's) Garages
and Laundry Rooms (analogous to the lesser known 'U-Room').

If experiments prove to be successful, then there will be ramifications
to the British extravagance of the 'booze cruise'. A 'booze cruise' is
the British tradition of driving a Transit (http://www.fordtransit.com/)
to the coast, taking the train or boat to France and filling it up with
(cylindrical) cans of beer. Clearly the hexagonal cans will increase the
capacity of the van (and I assume Mr. Ford will have to upgrade the

This presumably does not happen in the US? Mike, do you run booze
cruises to Tasmania yet?

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Thanks to Sean McKee and Digital Vision AB for supporting the TIG.
In America, where we use English units (go figure), the unit is the
Garage.  We can also introduce the term "Beer Hole".  A beer hole is the
volume that remains once the beer is removed from the steady-state
system, and is usually stable in this state as a solid matrix of 6, 12
or 24 such volumes.

My standard Garage currently has, to my estimation, 5.01 X10^2 beer
holes.  This does not count the smaller unit "Laundry Room" (analogous
to your "shed") which has approximately 10E-3 the volume of a Garage,
and is currently approximately 25% filled with beer holes.

I can state with empirical accuracy that the threshold limit for Garage
equilibrium, the point at which the volume of 1 Garage can neither
accept nor lose beer holes, is 5.00 x10^2.  This is the point at which
the lattice structure of the beer holes can actually, in layman's terms,
"prevent the Garage door from opening".

If enough energy is imparted to the system, one can overcome the GBE
threshold.  Once this is done, a negative energy gradient exists whereby
virtually all of the beer holes give up their potential energy and
descend to their lowest energy trough.  In this state it is actually
possible to convert the latent beer hole energy to "energy tokens" by
use of the following formula:

E = Qx[# of beer holes] - C, 

where E is the total equivalent energy token, Q is the token conversion
constant*, C is the energy token required for extraction and transport
of the beer holes through the system.  *As it turns out, the conversion
constant is NOT constant across the US, ranging in value of 0.0 to 0.10,
with 0.05 being the value in NY, VT and many other states.

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> In the UK journal , New Scientist, page 88, 22 Jan 05, reference to 
> what must be the world's smallest units is compared to a litre of
> The Unit is "The Barn" that's the effective cross sectional area of a 
> atomic nucleus. (I'm not kidding, this is a  real scientific unit.)
> The author then nominally states
> "Assumig a  unit of  'A Hubble'  is 10 to power 9 light  years. (Not
to be confused with the Hubble Constant), The author calculates that the
Hubble-Barn (volume) works out at just less than one of those new
fangled litre thingies. So drinking 2 pints of beer is like emptying a
bottle the  length of the universe with a cross sectional area of a
medium sized nucleus" 
> So now we know. 
> Peter Swinson
> btw the article states a sub unit of the barn, The Shed, which is much
much smaller than the Barn, 10 to the power -24 times smaller.

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