[Tig] A bright and beautiful week...

hugh Waters hugh
Sat Feb 26 15:13:18 GMT 2005

Its been a great week for lovely images.

Tuesday. Went to the Barco sponsored seminar at BAFTA on Tuesday and found 
it most illuminating (sorry... couldn't help that one!). The pictures were 
stunning, in my very humble opinion. Lots of telecine people and, naturally, 
cinema people there and a great sense of excitement in the air.

Friday. Saw the first 2k pictures in the new DI suite I'm involved with 
(Northlight scanner, Baselight 8 & Barco DP100). Went home with a broad 

Saturday. Read this story on the BBC website (on my phone... what a geek!) 
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/4297865.stm and it looks like I'll 
soon(ish) be heading off to the cinema for some more visual treats.

Anybody on the TIG involved in the AADC project who could expand on the Beeb 


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