[Tig] Subject: Weird anamorphic squeeze on Fox Movie Channel - The Longest Day

Jeff Kreines jeffkreines
Sat Feb 26 22:24:59 GMT 2005

Happened to watch "The Longest Day" on the Fox Movie Channel (kind of a 
really lame imitation of Turner Classic Movies) in the US last night.  
OK, not a very good film, but what bizarre credits!  Tommy Sands and 
Richard Burton?  Music by Paul Anka, Mitch Miller, and Maurice Jarre?  
And what happened in the cinematography credits?  The Oscars database 
says this:

"CINEMATOGRAPHY (Black-and-White)

The Longest Day -- Jean Bourgoin, Walter Wottitz, (Henri Persin)
[NOTE: Originally, the three names of Jean Bourgoin, Henri Persin and 
Walter Wottitz (as listed on the Official Screen Credits form) were 
announced as nominees for this film in this category. The credits from 
the film listed four Directors of Photography (in the following order), 
Mr. Persin, Mr. Wottitz, Pierre Levent and Mr. Bourgoin. The program 
for the Awards ceremony and even the official letter from Price 
Waterhouse with the results of the final voting for the awards listed 
the three names as winners in this category. At some point, the name of 
Henri Persin was dropped from the nomination, as his name has been 
'whited-out' from the official wording for the nomination certificates, 
and the nominations and winners lists the Academy publishes do not 
include his name. The Academy's records and files give no reason for 
this exclusion.]"

But on to my complaint:

It was nearly unwatchable for other reasons.  They had stretched out 
the image (which was letterboxed, with subtitles below the image) so 
that the left and right edges were cropped off, and all objects were 
"squashed" -- too wide.  Even the subtitles were cropped off, by 
several characters, at times.

Do they actually look at what they're broadcasting?  It's obvious that 
something is very very wrong.

I won't start on the terrible digital cable compression artifacts...  
frankly, there should be a class-action lawsuit about those!

Jeff "channelling my inner curmudgeon" Kreines

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