[Tig] size of lab roll

Rob Lingelbach rob
Sun Feb 27 12:56:33 GMT 2005

perhaps John Pytlak or some of our film lab people here can help me
with this question. 

what is the recommended size of a roll of negative from the developing
lab for transfer or printing?  In Los Angeles the practice from the
labs with whom I worked was that rolls of negative would be limited
generally to no more than 1200 feet, sometimes if 4 camera rolls were
going to be assembled together there would be two lab rolls of 800 feet
each for example.  Is there a recommded practice for the size of a lab

I have recently had the experience of needing to transfer neg rolls
from the lab of 2200 feet and though the telecine can handle it I feel
it's excessive and possibly dangerous to have this much negative on a
roll-- it's heavy, hard to handle, and increases liability if anything
should happen at any point in handling.

Rob Lingelbach   
Senior Colorist, Compugraf
Istanbul, Turkey

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