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Sun Feb 27 13:42:12 GMT 2005

Rob........Willkommen zu Europa....I say with a grin,

Back in the old days when I worked for DuArt in New York the longest 16mm roll you would see coming out of the lab was 800 feet. (244 meters) This was done despite the fact that the DuArt box could hold 1200 feet (and management was always complaining about storage space). In other labs that I have visited in the states I would say that 1200 feet is the norm. 

Then I arrived in Europe. In doing my first large 16mm job here, I discover a lab roll larger than a New York Pepperoni Pizza! 2000 feet (610 M) about 53 minutes in PAL time. Needless to say I was careful just to pick it up off the table. Then I found the wind was tight and the splices where perfect. Every time. The negative was clean without any sign of cinching. This combined with the film handling of the Spirit transport made me more comfortable. So I have adapted to this practice and developed a new new one. When I get about half way through the roll I stop....have a cup of Austrian coffee then continue.


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