[Tig] size of lab roll

Rob Lingelbach rob
Sun Feb 27 15:52:53 GMT 2005

On 2005-02-27 at 10:46, Vincent G Hogan (vinny at cineworks.com) wrote:

> > what is the recommended size of a roll of negative from the developing
> > lab for transfer or printing? 
> In the U.S. with A.C.V.L. (acvl.org) lab members it's either 800 or 1200
> feet. It's all about handling, transport and storage concerns. Prepping over
> 1200' rolls is just too dangerous when handling original negative, why take
> any chances?

I tend to agree, but in Europe the rolls are twice as big, and I'm
waiting to hear from Kodak if there is consideration of this when they
certify a lab to their specifications.  Is ACVL international, or
just the US?

thanks Vinny
Rob Lingelbach
Senior Colorist, Compugraf
Istanbul, Turkey

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