[Tig] RE: size of lab roll

Ken Robinson ken
Mon Feb 28 06:44:57 GMT 2005

We Europeans are obviously more adventurous than you Americans. Also, we hate getting out of our seat to often. But of course if you work outside London, there is no delivered coffee service, so this all becomes quite tricky in deciding where the crossover point should be.

I am in Switzerland at present and all 16mm rolls are exactly 43 mins and 30 secs long. I haven't quite discovered if some material is cut off or the productions use Swiss timing as well. I haven't even noticed if two jobs are joined together in case of a short fall. But of course they arrive exactly on time.....

Timing, timing, timing is the key to execution, the tram meets the bus, the bus meets the train.... ALWAYS. 
I shall never set foot on London Transport again!

Now if I could only get the telecine to meet the VTR edit inpoint.....

Ken Robinson.
Look for the sign sticking out of the 20 ft (err 7m) of snow.....

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