[Tig] Learning about Color Enhancement

Glenn Chan gchan
Mon Feb 28 07:06:28 GMT 2005

I've been lurking on this mailing list for a short while trying to pickup
tips on color correction/enhancement.  To introduce myself, I'm a student
at Ryerson's Radio and Television Arts program and am interested in
learning more about the artistic side of color correction- how to make
images look better.

I'm wondering if any of you could be kind enough to take some time to give
me constructive criticism on some footage I've played around with.  I have
some music video footage from a low-budget independent shoot, shot mainly
on the DVX100.  I have a side-by-side comparison of the original footage
beside the color corrected footage at:
Quicktime 6 format. 3:38 length, 33.3MB.

Some of the subtler tweaks may be hard to see, especially when looking at
the underexposed shots.  I have presentation notes with pictures showing
before/after roll-overs of some of the subtler tweaks.

I also tried taking a crack at footage that was shot very well and
properly exposed.  You can see the side by side comparison at
Quicktime 6 format, 1:00 length, 36.7MB.

I'd like to know which version (top or bottom) you like better... and
criticism on how you'd do things and what you (don't) like.

Any feedback sent my way would be appreciated.  Thanks!

Digression:  Is it ok to use copyrighted material for educational purposes
like this?  If I am doing something wrong I can take the footage down.

Glenn Chan

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