[Tig] A bright and beautiful week...

Kevin Wheatley hxpro
Mon Feb 28 10:54:29 GMT 2005

Jeff Booth wrote:
> I was also at the Barco bash. Wasn't too impressed with the Arri camera. Was
> anyone close enough to the screen to see the aliasing on diagonals?

if you sat close enough, all the pictures showed artifacts of one kind
or another - I found some of them really hard on my eyes and caused me
to have to look away. I also think the projector wasn't quite set up
right and caused everything to have slightly too much saturation most
noticable in the reds.

They apparently only got some of the material that morning so the
projector line up for each bit was not exactly well tested :-)

Now for a list of faults I saw, but not in any particular order :-)

Highlights being clipped
soft looking
over saturated
over use of a 'Spirit like' apperture correction
MPEG style blocking
Poor Highlights
Lights being left on (stage and projection booth)

Most of this I would put down to meterial not being graded in the same
conditions/the projector not being setup with suitable settings for
the material - If you grade something in a HD room, simply setting the
projector to HD settings will not give you a correct looking image.

Additionally as with all similar public showings, finding material
that is right for the purpose, rather than having 'something to
hand'/'cleared to be shown' would have helped. I know that all the
people involved have shown better results in other situations, or that
the technology involved can look better technically.


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