[Tig] A bright and beautiful week...

Martin Parsons martin-p
Mon Feb 28 11:38:41 GMT 2005

Kevin Wheatley wrote:
> if you sat close enough, all the pictures showed
> artifacts of one kind or another

I sat in the seat two away from Kevin and would add to the previous comments
from Dick Hobbs (who was sat at the back as he himself mentions so might not
have seen what I saw at the front).

Dick wrote:

> I was at the same Barco presentation, at Bafta. For my money far and away
> the best pictures on display were some clips from a movie called

Slipstream was indeed wonderful cinematography. However it had a strange
noise/enhanced-grain ALL over it.
Not sure if this was aperture-correction introduced during scanning or some
kind of compression artefact in the delivery format.

Dick also wrote (of the new ARRI D20 camera):

> I was just amazed at the lack of contrast. The demo
> material was a flamenco dance: the pictures seemed
> to me to be a bright red dress and a whole bunch of
> muddy shadows.

I saw that but my impression was that the projector was crushing all the
black detail rather than the camera not capturing it.

Thanks to Rod Wheeler and Barco for putting on a great show.


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