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Roll size is really a matter of what the lab or transfer house is equipped 
to handle properly, and how comfortable they are with handling larger 
rolls without risk of cinching or dishing.  AFAIK, Kodak has no official 
recommendation, although Kodak raw stock is obviously available in long 
rolls for those who need it.

The Association of Cinema and Video Laboratories is a worldwide 




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On 2005-02-27 at 10:46, Vincent G Hogan (vinny at cineworks.com) wrote:

> > what is the recommended size of a roll of negative from the developing
> > lab for transfer or printing? 
> In the U.S. with A.C.V.L. (acvl.org) lab members it's either 800 or 1200
> feet. It's all about handling, transport and storage concerns. Prepping 
> 1200' rolls is just too dangerous when handling original negative, why 
> any chances?

I tend to agree, but in Europe the rolls are twice as big, and I'm
waiting to hear from Kodak if there is consideration of this when they
certify a lab to their specifications.  Is ACVL international, or
just the US?

thanks Vinny
Rob Lingelbach
Senior Colorist, Compugraf
Istanbul, Turkey

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