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Jeff Booth jeff.booth
Mon Feb 28 16:33:39 GMT 2005

SMPTE said there is an increasing awareness that audio-video
synchronization errors in broadcasting, usually seen as problems with
lip-sync, are
occurring more frequently than they used to and often with greater

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers S22 Committee on
Television Systems Technology has formed an Ad Hoc Group on Lip Sync
to review all aspects of this problem and make recommendations for

SMPTE has issued a Request for Information from interested companies or
individuals, particularly relating to sources of differential
delay in television production, post-production, and distribution;
audio-video delay issues through professional MPEG encoding and decoding
systems; and differential audio-video delay arising in consumer
receiver, decoding and display devices.

Also of interest is out-of-service methods of measuring differential
audio-video delay; in-service (during program) methods of measuring
differential audio-video delay; and devices for correcting differential
audio-video delay at different points in the broadcast chain.

SMPTE said it is particularly interested to hear from manufacturers with
practical solutions or proposals for measurement and correction of
audio-video synchronization errors, and those willing to participate in
development of related standards.

Responses should be sent to the ad hoc group chair, Graham Jones of NAB
at: gjones at nab.org or by calling 202-429 5345.

Maybe a similar group could be formed for addressing video compression

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