[Tig] Seen on the Institute of Broadcast Sound website today...

Dick Hobbs dick
Mon Feb 28 16:57:31 GMT 2005

The SMPTE announcement about lip sync has been picked up by Broadcast
Engineering magazine, too.

I was talking recently to a guy called John Emmett of Broadcast Project
Research. His company develops useful boxes to do interesting things, like
Gordon, the epilepsy detector.

John told me he has been working on a simple device for tracking lip sync
errors through a system, the principle of which will appeal to a film-based
discussion group. Essentially, a signal generator at the origination end
creates a simultaneous sound and visual cue. At the reception end you put a
sensor onto a monitor and plug the audio into the box, and it times the
difference between the two.

No, the visual cue is not a clapper-board closing, but it certainly could

Standard disclaimer: I have never made a penny out of BPR, but I do think
John and his team occasionally come up with some neat ideas.



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