[Tig] Seen on the Institute of Broadcast Sound website today...

Rob Lingelbach robling
Mon Feb 28 17:10:55 GMT 2005

On 2005-02-28 at 16:33, Jeff Booth (jeff.booth at sohoimages.com) wrote:

> The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers S22 Committee on
> Television Systems Technology has formed an Ad Hoc Group on Lip Sync
> Issues
> to review all aspects of this problem and make recommendations for
> solutions.

funny, i almost thought this was a joke when i saw it jeff :]  it
certainly is about time someone did something about it, but I'm not
sure the satellite and cable providers are going to be listening
because they're so used to being out of sync they won't understand.  :]
It does sound weird, Ad Hoc Group on Lip Sync, and only the two "p"s
for use in manual lip syncing.

Rob Lingelbach
TIG admin 

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