[Tig] size of lab roll

Bob Festa bfesta
Mon Feb 28 22:05:11 GMT 2005

 Rob Lingelbach wrote:
> it's always fun for me to remember (i must post here about it 
> like once every year) the sport we had with mag dubbers when 
> the sticky tape at the end of a roll would force the machine 
> into screaming high-speed rewind, at the end of which, 
> dramatically, the split reel at the top would spin apart in 
> about 1 second and fly up and across the room.  i vowed one 
> day i'd catch it to score a mag-touchdown and i did, i think 
> Bob Festa witnessed this.

What I remember most about this is the ascending pitch of the rewind. As
the reel spins back it gains more and more speed until it reaches the
sound barrier.

Magnatechs, Nagras, serial DAT's, DVD audio...man we've come a long way.

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