[Tig] London

Geoff Cooper geoffc
Fri Jul 8 09:22:06 BST 2005

Ravi, TIG et al,

Thanks for all the best wishes and sympathy from the TIG community around
the world.

I struggled into Soho yesterday morning abandoning the tube, for a bus, only
a mile north of the bus explosion.
The last mile walking into the gridlock that was taking shape was worrying,
but I had commitments to our clients that terrorist couldn't be allowed to

I'm sure that the "white people" of London are well aware of the terrorists
I'm sure that if you analysed the colour of the pieces of skin stuck to the
wall of Tavistock House, a substantial proportion of it wouldn't be white!
London has every colour of skin under the sun and every religion is
represented here.
Something not always tolerated in many eastern states.
The IRA failed to gain anything from years of bombing in UK and the
devastation that the Nazis inflicted on London, only succeeded in
strengthening London Pride.
The UK is committed to defeating terror, period.
That doesn't suit everyone.
But that's too bad.


Geoff Cooper

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